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Just when you thought you’d never need another flammenwaffen, welcome to our lightly charred but delectably edible Flint Flake show!

On the menu:

1. GK’s “Greek Spot” looks at the use of idioms in the New Testament.
2. “Crusy’s Discernment Corner” focuses on the Kundalini spirit pervading some churches today and it’s origins.
3.  Andie’s reading from early church history is an extract from the “History of the Church from Christ to Constantine” by Eusebius, and focuses on the Siege of Jerusalem in 70AD.
4. “What are you reading this week, Cliff”,  continues with part two of the book “The Occult Philosophy of the Elizabethan Age” by Frances Yates.

Cliff also joins us to discuss developments in Turkey and the crisis unfolding in Crimea and the Ukraine.

Show date: 13 March 2014 | LFR Index | Comment

Show Notes:

Rocket Cat Attack!

Pope Viewed as Pro-Unity, Pro-Renewal of the Holy Spirit

Photo of the Menorah sculpted into the Arch of Titus, located on the Via Sacra in Rome.  It was constructed in c. 82 AD by the Roman Emperor Domitian shortly after the death of his older brother Titus to commemorate Titus’ victories, including the Siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD. (Text source: Wikipedia, Picture source: GK)

Titus Menorah