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Latest Show: LFR Show 5

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It’s a warm welcome to our guest, Jackie Alnor, a veteran watchman, researcher and Christian journalist. Jackie is well-known for her ministry in discernment, and can be found at her blog, Scattered Sheep Report. She is also the author of the book, The Fleecing of Christianity, which tracks the influence of the spirit of antichrist in the church via televangelism, the prosperity gospel and end times deception. Jackie shares a little of her background and how she came to start her research in the area of discernment. We also look at the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation), and particularly at Lance Wallnau and C. Peter Wagner, (Presiding Apostle Emeritus of the International Coalition of Apostolic Leaders, Global Spheres Inc. and the Wagner Leadership Institute).  (N.B. To download this show, go to show notes and download from the player.)

Show date: 24 March 2014 |  Show 5 Show Notes

Show Notes:

GK’s blog spot:  New Testament Warnings About False Teachers and Prophets

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