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Latest Show: LFR Show 31

Show31_250LFR SHOW 31

Cliff Garner: False Jewish Messiahs (Part One). GK joins Cliff to review Jerry Rabow’s book 50 Jewish Messiahs: The Untold Life Stories of 50 Jewish Messiahs Since Jesus and How They Changed the Jewish, Christian, and Muslim Worlds. Their discussion goes beyond this work, examining the Hasmoneans and the idea that they were a messianic dynasty, the saviours of Israel in the time just before the Birth of Jesus.

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Show date: 20 May 2015 | | LFR Index |

50 Jewish Messiahs on Amazon

A very special thankyou to Brian Day & Acrolith for   the use of “Vigilance” (Unmastered), our intro and outro song f0r this episode.

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