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Latest Show: LFR Show 27

LFRShows_Show27_250LFR SHOW 27

Join GK, Cliff, Crusy and Andie for a special Easter show. In this show, we share a few quotes by some rather unexpected sources of the profound impact that Jesus had and continues to have in our world today. We also look at a few social media memes that have been doing the rounds this Easter, and discuss some of the more controversial issues often associated with this celebration, such as its so-called pagan origins and the alleged interference of Constantine on the church and her holy days. Finally, we look at the case for the resurrection of Jesus and why we can have confidence that Jesus Christ has indeed risen from the dead!

Show date: 6 April 2015 | Download | LFR Index |

Useful links:

What is the Case for the Resurrection? See Saints and Sceptics 

Bill Muehlenberg – Easter: Of Pagan Origins?

Songs:  “Hang Him Around Your Neck” and “Unconditional Love” by Dissident Prophet

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