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Latest Show: LFR Show 21

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Dr Michael Heiser is our special guest this week. Mike joins Andie and GK to discuss his new book, The Portent which is the second book of The Facade saga. So, join us as we follow the story of Brian and Melissa into the centre of an unthinkably vast, centuries-old conspiracy, conceived to turn the faith of millions against itself. Here, revelations from ancient tombs, long-forgotten Nazi experiments, UFOs, occult mythologies, biblical theology, and godlike technologies converge in answer to a terrifying question: Now that “they” are here, what do they want?

Show date: 19 December 2014 | Download | LFR Index |

Show Notes:

Buy The Portent

Handbook for The Portent

Dr Michael Heiser website

MEMRA (Online Institute for Ancient Languages)


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