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Latest Show: LFR Show 13

LRFShows_Show13_250LFR SHOW 13

In this Flint Flake Show, the chefs at LFR have whipped up a goulash for your ears. On the menu we have the long awaited return of Crusy with his special brand of humour. In his discernment corner we look at twisted scripture. Then we take a cultural detour with Cliff to the land of Vlad. From there we take a short trip to Armenia to investigate the rain miracle of the 12th Legion. Finally we welcome special guest Frank Johnson who joins GK to discuss how Christians can deal with discouragement, struggles and disappointments. Join us for a great time of fellowship fun and scripture.  (N.B. To download this show, go to show notes and download from the player.)

Show date: 5 August 2014 | LFR Index | Show Notes

Show Notes:

The Thundering Legion, Catholic Encyclopedia

Legio XII Fulminata, Wikipedia


Column of Marcus Aurelius:The Rain god

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