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Welcome to the very first broadcast of LikeFlint Radio and our first offering of Flint Flakes – with some flakes a little more chewy than others,  especially that little pikelet!  So, what is on the menu?

1. “Crussy’s Discernment Corner”:  A closer look at a prophecy for 2014 by Patricia King
2. An introduction to “GK’s Greek Spot”
3. “Stories of the Early Church with Andie” focuses on a letter that was sent to Jesus by King Abgar of Edessa, as recorded by Eusebius in “The History of the Church, from Jesus to Constantine”
4. Cliff’s “What are you reading this week” looks at Umberto Eco’s “Prague Cemetery”, which abounds with tales of conspiracy surrounding the Jesuit plot against the Freemasons, Secret Service and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion!

Show date: 22 January 2014 | Download | LFR Index | Show Notes


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  • CRW on

    I loved your first show! Great job everyone! I came looking for show notes on Crussy’s Discernment Corner but it looks like it’s not here.

    I loved Andy’s “letter from Jesus” — I was overcome by that since I never knew anything existed. Thanks everyone for your inputs on that segment. I learned a lot of new stuff… in all the segments.

    God Bless you on your new endeavor!!

    From the States… CW

    • admin on

      CW, thanks so much for your great feedback and encouragement. We so appreciate hearing from you. My apologies for not including the info on Crusy’s Discernment Corner in the show notes. I’ve now added the youtube videos to the show notes, and you can find those by clicking on the show notes link here or above. I will check with Crusy which Strange Fire conference clip he used and correct that you tube link if necessary. Thanks again and God bless, Andie and the crew.